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Best free hosting for website

Best free hosting for website (Only Rs.29/mo license cost)

Free stuff is always great. Money is a precious thing and it’s very important to save! Therefore, We are offering a golden best free hosting for a website, without any issue you can learn complete hosting like, how to install Zoomla, WordPress, change the theme, and many more all options, etc… Click to Buy

Why are we Offering? This Option to provide benefits to students or any person who want to learn complete hosting and don’t have a budget to invest. We heard a lot of new bloggers want to start a career in blogging but they don’t have money to invest. That’s why our team has decided to offer a hosting space with cPanel free (need to pay only license cost

You will be happy to hear that free website hosting with cPanel definitely exists – but there are some things like we are officer limited storage as our team has studied that we can easily run a starter website in 250MB storage to save this hosting for production user. If anyone wants to use our Cloud Hosting for there production/business purpose they can choose easy upgrade option to Starter or other plans given at our website HOST2BOOST.

Free Hosting for learning or trial

What we offer in this plan? 

We are offering free hosting for website without any limitation except Storage space.
We are offering:-

  • cPanel to Control Website
  • 250MB SSD Storage
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • FREE SSL for your website
  • 1 Website hosting
  • 1 Email ID
  • 99.99% uptime
  • FREE LightSpeed Cache
  • Please see no support is available for this plan. you may visit this blog site to get more important posts about how to start a new website, how to take a backup, many more…..

Direct Link to buy this hostingClick here to buy “Best Free Hosting for Website”(This plan is not available at our website HOST2BOOST.CoM)

Benefits to Start with this “free hosting of website”

As we mentioned above this is not for the purpose of earning money. This is for your learning or trial of our even you can keep this continue for many months and keep your website live. below are the benefits.

  • Amazing fast speed- we have not limited speed like IOPS, etc. 
  • Sufficient Memory for single Website- We have limited Memory to 512MB Physical and 512 MB virtual which is enough for a fast free hosting of the website.
  • You can do your learning, R&D for many days by paying only license cost for this hosting space.
  • Easy Upgrade Option– When you start getting high traffic on your website or need more storage space you can upgrade this free web hosting to our great amazing Cloud web hosting plan by a single click only.
  • Support- Email Support available if need any help.

Few Screenshots of cPanel, Client area, etc..

cPanel Screenshot- You will get details in an email to get cPanel login details.

HOST2BOOST’s Client area, You may Click to login to Client Area URL

File Manager- You may access file manager from cPanel to upload or download or modify your website content.

File Manager Screenshot

Why we need a website? Internet usage is increasing very fast day by day now everything is online like a bank, transport, education, or you can think every education is happening online. some people are learning through YouTube and Blogs. As per our assumption, everyone will be having their own website to represent his identity, in the near future website will be like our ID cards as Aadhaar card, PAN card. etc.. So learn about it asap and make your online identity at low cost with us.

Note:- you may visit freenom to get a free domain for testing purpose but we would recommend buying a great domain like .com, .in,, etc.. to rank your website with a great SEO.

Thanks for visiting our website- Keep great learning.

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