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Explaining How to Create Email Account in cPanel?Please follow Step by Step process-

Step-1: Login to your cPanel account and Click on “Email Accounts” under the EMAIL section.

How to Create Email Account in cPanel?

Step-2: Please Click on Create button and fill the required details as given in blow points. 

  • Enter the email address you want to create, such as “test1“. (If you are using more than one domain, select the appropriate domain from the domain list.)
  • Enter your new password or you may also use a password generator.
  • Change the mailbox storage space if you want to increase or decrease or leave it to default and then click on the “Create Account” button.

How to Create Email Account in cPanel?

Step-3: Once our email account is created, it will appear on the “Email Accounts” page under the account list.

We have successfully created an email account. if you have any query please comment.

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