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Please follow the below steps for How to login to your cPanel to manage your website


Step-1: Login to your HOST2BOOST’s Client Area by for your login credentials which your have given at the time of registration and click on your hosting plan like in this example we have selected Starter Cloud.

How to login to your cPanel

Step-2: Once you click on Starter Cloud(or your hosting plan name), you will see below screen, Now see there are a lot of options under Actions, click on Login to cPanel to login.

How to login to your cPanel

Step-3: With this Option, cPanel will login using the auto-login feature and see the control panel.


Type your domain name:2083 (e.g. You will see one cPanel login portal. Enter your cPanel login id and password. (We sent these details in New Account Information email) If you are not finding this email please check Junk/Spam folder also.

How to login to your cPanel

Once you click on Login you are successfully in and see cPanel dashboard as showing below.

Note: If you are not finding an email for login details you may find the email from the client area also.
a) Click on your user id in right side area and b) Select Email History, Select the message as showing in number 3 and Click c) View Message to see email content.

How to login to your cPanel?

Thanks for reading this blog, In this blog we have learned “How to login to your cPanel?”. If you are still facing any issue please contact the support team.

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