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What Is a Dedicated IP And Why Do You Need?

We are receiving a lot of queries for the dedicated IP because a lot of customers are confused about the dedicated IP requirements, the difference between Shared and Dedicated IP address and the purpose of a dedicated and why they need for their hosting.

Let’s understand What Is an IP Address?

IP stands for internet protocol and is an address that is assigned to each domain on the web (Example: They are mapped to domain names using what we call DNS.

You can think of DNS as a phone book for the Internet. When you type into your address bar, a DNS query is performed by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) to request the nameservers associated with the domain. The mapping to the IP address is then done by the DNS server which allows you to then use the domain name to access it. Without DNS you would have to type something like to get to HOST2BOOST Web Page.

What Is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP address is your personal IP address, it means that your domain is assigned an IP address that isn’t shared or used by any other domains. It’s your domain’s home on the web. You can think of this as a dedicated mobile number. A dedicated IP is typically assigned to your domain by your Website hosting provider or is an add-on which can be purchased by paying an extra fee.

What Is a Shared IP Address?

A shared IP address means that your domain is mapped to an address that is shared between multiple domains. A shared IP is quite common nowadays with most Website hosting providers as for many configurations, there is no need for a dedicated IP address. But we’ll get into more of the reasoning behind that further below.

Email Deliverability:

Email service providers such as Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, etc. will block emails from IPs that are known to spam. Much of this is credited to the development of real-time blacklisting which alerts ISPs in real-time of a malicious IP.

If you don’t have a dedicated IP then you’re sharing an IP with many other customers.  Since it only takes 1 outdated WordPress installation/theme or plugin to cause issues, you can see how you’ll benefit greatly from a dedicated IP address.

What Is a Dedicated IP And Why Do You Need

Reverse IP Lookups:

There are many tools/websites that use reverse IP address lookups.  If using a dedicated IP address you can make the appearance like you’re hosted on a dedicated server, when you’ll actually on a Shared/Reseller account.

Many larger businesses like this as it makes them look “more professional.” We personally used to do this when we ran a lot of affiliate marketing campaigns so my competitors couldn’t discover all my websites on the same server (i.e. one IP per domain).

Some Resellers also like all the websites that they resell, show up under the same IP.  This helps them stay organized as to what sites actually belong to them on the network.

SSL Certificates

Back in the “old days”, you used to have a dedicated IP address in order to get an SSL certificate (i.e. https).

At HOST2BOOST we have enabled Server Name Indication (SNI) allowing us to present multiple certificates on the same IP address.  Using our auto-SSL module, this is how we’re able to offer unlimited and free certificates to all customers across our network.

If you want to purchase an extended validation certification or even a wildcard, you may benefit from a dedicated IP address however it is not compulsory.

You may submit a ticket  to purchased additional IP with the cost at $29.95/year 

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